Bungy vs. Skydive: Which one should I do?

Skydive and bungy jumping shows up on lot of people’s bucket lists. And who can blame them? There’s just something so compelling about launching yourself from height – and living to tell the tale, of course! And don’t base your decision on age, I know someone who did both activities at the age of 70 – on the same trip no less.

I was lucky enough to do both the bungy and skydive on my trip to New Zealand during December 2015 and both are awesome and unforgettable. But in different ways.

Let’s say you had to choose one for some reason. Which one give you the most buzz? I’ve compiled some details which may sway you either way depending on what floats your boat.


SKYDIVE (We’re talking tandem here)

  • Packaged deal with video and photos would normally cost anywhere between $400-$500USD but depends on location and currency
  • Typical jumping altitudes from 12,000ft. to 19,000ft. (3.6km – 5.6km approx.)
  • Jump from a moving object – airplane
  • Reliance on parachutes
  • Mostly passive participation (you don’t have to do much once you walk on the plane)
  • More support required from crew. Jumpmaster, video/photo, equipment team, pilot etc. (which reflects in the cost)
  • Long buildup to jump (Airport, suit up, safety brief, wait, plane ride etc.)
  • Long freefall. (30sec +)
  • Many opportunities to take photos/more variety of photos
  • Reach terminal velocity! (200km/h)
  • Many video/photo options.
  • Unique and beautiful birds-eye views from altitude
  • Large carbon footprint


  • Packaged deal with video and photos would normally cost anywhere between $150-$300USD. Also depends on location and currency. Ex. Bungy in Nepal is cheaper than bungy in NZ.
  • Typical jumping height can be from 35m to 230m+
  • Jump from a fixed object – bridge, dam, building etc.
  • Reliance on a bungy cord
  • Active participation (no one is going to push you off the edge for you)
  • Relatively less crew involved, therefore cheaper
  • Short but intense buildup to jump (watching/hearing other people jump in front of you)
  • Short freefall (5sec – 15sec+)
  • Optional dunk into water depending on location
  • Various setups available depending on location (jump forwards, backwards, flips etc.)
  • Photos and videos taken from pre-mounted video cameras
  • Unique views but depends on the location as well
  • Smaller carbon footprint


My conclusion is this: skydiving is more of a rounded experience, a journey almost, whereas bungy jumping gives you a more intense adrenaline rush and personal satisfaction. If you want to see beautiful scenery and experience flying high through the air like a bird, skydiving is for you. If you want to face your fears and grab it by the horns for an intense and instant adrenaline rush, bungy is where it’s at.

The main reason is this, for skydiving, you kind of get told what to do and where to go. Once you’re strapped in with the jumpmaster, you’re just in for the ride. Unless you’re one of those lucky people who got a chance to pull the parachute open, there is little in the way of active decision-making.

For bungy it’s you and only you who’s going to get yourself off that platform. No one will push you. You have to make that decision. And it’s so easy to back out of not jumping that when you DO jump, the sense of accomplishment is intense.

But in terms of having enough time to relish the experience, skydive would be the obvious choice. There’s enough time, especially with the higher jumps, to get your wits about you and take in the scenery, take stock of your emotions and come to grips that you’re falling through the air at 200km/h.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, the answer would be obvious: bungy is cheaper.

But no matter what you choose, I doubt you will regret it!



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