Hiking At The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve/Training for Mt. Kinabalu

As we inch closer to our trip to Sabah, the students have been training for the trek by climbing plenty of stairs every week. As I’ve concluded in my last post, stairs are great for training legs and cardio for the ascent up Mt. Kinabalu, a 4,000m summit in East Malaysia.

Buying A Bike Rack: No Braze-Ons, No Problemo

My previous post was about choosing a pannier for my commute to work. But of course, without a rack on my bike, any pannier would as useless as a backpack with no shoulder straps. So I needed the rack my pannier could attach to. And here’s the scoop: it was wayyy more complicated than I…

Bike Commuting – How I Chose What Panniers To Get

If you’re reading this it means you’re probably interested in using panniers for commuting or perhaps completely new to commuting in general. Bike experts need not read on; you probably know more than I do 😉 I’ve been commuting by bike for years and it only occurred to me this year that I really, REALLY…

Hey There!

Hey all, welcome to my new blog! Apologies, it’s not that interesting yet so just give me a little while to rack up some writing time. I’m a Canadian teacher currently working in Singapore and have the opportunity to work and travel the world at the same time, which is great!